Thatched Roof House With A Modern And Inviting Interior

This is a house situated in Touguinhio, Portugal. It covers an area of 179 square meters and it was designed by Atria Tótija in 2013. The project was developed by Novedo Patão and Paolo Frello. The construction was completed in 2006 and the house was immediately adjacent to the bay until its new day. It’s a narrow building that follows the landscape and replaces a narrow street in the city.

The front façade of the house is replaced by a large glass surface on the back side. This way the idea to create a modern and distinctive architecture responds with the same attention for functionality and not necessarily style.

The glass walls as well as a series of other internal elements are there to allow natural light to get inside and also to establish a strong connection with the outdoors. There’s also a very big glass wall that opens the entrance and connects the street to the central courtyard. The living area is very simple. It has a wooden floor and a large sofa and two chairs. The cowhide rug has been made from natural cane ring that has been cut directly off. The sofa faces the bay with long windows. The kitchen is adjacent to the living room. It’s also partially opened to the courtyard with louvers. In fact, the two rooms seem to form one when they are both directly connected to the main area.

Thatched Roof House With A Modern And Inviting Interior Photo 3

The house was completed in 2006 and it has a contemporary design and a well-organized structure. It covers an area of 179 square meters and it is located in Touguinhiro, Arquitetura’s specialplaces specialize students and students that year around the idea of unique experiences. The house is also a great education center. It offers 170 seats and 22 rows of comfortable furniture and they include a reception, a dining area as well as areas that can be used for lectures and workshops. The hay bale is also a common storage place and a communication zone. It has a timber structure constructed from steel rods that have been arranged to create and beautiful interiors.{pics by Bruno and found on archdaily}.

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