Small Nook Tables With Sloped Wooden Tops And Glass Doors

This cozy little nook table is a very lovely feature. It’s small and insignificant, but it’s what makes it stand out. The Table+2.Fayette project is a very nice and practical solution for small homes. The table is relatively small and it can easily fit in a regular bedroom or simply in a corner. It’s also a very beautiful piece with a simple and modern design. It’s simple and quite functional as well.Before assembly you’ll need to make sure all the pieces of furniture have to be attached. If you want you’ll also have to think of the storage space that would be required in such a small space.

It’s easy to store in there two small drawers, a space for a hat and some shoes and a space to seat cards or towels. This way you create a very practical and functional piece of furniture. The wood pieces are strong enough to support the weight and simple and chic. Add some nice cushions or pillows and your kitchen is ready to become personalized.The Bookcase Table is available at prices between 78.19 – 103.78 euros. It would be a great addition to any kitchen.

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