Small Garden Pond Ideas For Small Spaces Everywhere!

Spring is here, and the sun is probably getting warmer and brighter, and with it the desire of designers to spend more time indoors and to share spaces with each other and their guests (even children) is growing. The gardens that we see in gardens tend to be small, but if you keep your house and don’t go down that path, you too can add that extra area to your landscape (if you’ve got the space!) and still manage to create the Big Garden. Here are some inspiring ideas that we think are pretty convenient and do just what you’re planning.

When you have a pond that’s big enough for several people to enjoy (and you may have plenty of space for an outdoor sitting/ meditation room), you need a design that works with your outdoor space. Choosing a beautiful outdoor umbrella so you can fit one under your bed is an amazing way to provide an additional area for a sleepover friend.

If you’re wanting to make sure your pond is still sufficiently spacious to sleep 20 people in your home, consider a system that offers built-in seating. This may be a coffee table floating in the middle of the table, or a square coffee table platform leaning on top of the table. Or maybe you’d want the space to look fairly open and airy. If you’ve got the space, you’d want a water feature – might even help the pond (or infinity pool) refresh the space regularly.

Small Garden Pond Ideas For Small Spaces Everywhere! Photo 3

Of course, just because a pond is relatively small doesn’t mean it has to be a tragedy. This cute small birdbath that’s provided by Landed Living is absolutely perfect for a small garden. It looks inviting, which is essential for a resort-style getaway. If you don’t have a large garden or have to place it in an area you don’t love, even without money to decorate, there is a way to have it taken care of. With a little imagination and a sunny touch (and a healthy supply of water!), you’ll have the perfect outdoor getaway space for a weekend or two.

Of course, even if your space is small, you can still make the most of the pond. Invest in some chairs, invest in nice storage, and throw in a plant (if you choose this way, you will have even more options to fill up your pond). The trick is making it a primary source of natural light for the area, and integrating it into the relaxing atmosphere of your personal retreat. This does not mean you have to use curtains – curtains are a luxury of style – but with a simple fold to the back- facing curtains, they won’t interfere with the tranquil and sloping look and style of the pond.

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