Small Bathroom Tubs From Ceramica Cielo

Bathrooms are always perceived as a private space where beauty is poured into our lives. This space needs to have a special design and all the elements that make it special and unique. The small bathrooms are as tricky as they are anything else and so far there haven’t been any regulations concerning the design and the construction. Still, we have all these options and a lot more to worry about! Create your own personalized bathroom with these wonderful bathtubs from Ceramica Cielo.

Each tub is unique and it represents one of the elements which allow it to stand out from the other. The long and linear shape combined with the simplicity of the colors and the transparency of the materials such as glass or ceramic create an exquisite design. Create a perfectly designed and custom bathroom by adding 4 corners or voids to a small bathroom and make it stand out. We have selected a few examples to support this idea.

1. Freula Compact Bath Tub & Shower with Built-in Adjustable Sconce.

Small Bathroom Tubs From Ceramica Cielo Photo 3

2. Slice White Large White Toilet J-Bath with 240-Metallic Toilet Incentor.

This is a very stylish toilet bowl that is customized for any contemporary bathroom. It has built-inadjustable jets with a chromotherapy feature. It features a tasteful matte carrera marble faucet and matching sink. The dimensions are 48’’w x 20’’d x 26’’h and it costs $490. The best part is that it is really easy to maintain and can be taken down and replaced with something else.

3. Zedo Compact Shower with automatic jetting and touch control.

Taking the concept of a shower to the next level, Zedo proposes to use the shower as a multi-purpose space. It has a compact shower enclosure as the enclosure, a clear glass wall that can be hidden when not in use, a wall-to-wall clerestory shower with a touch sensor touch control system and touch-sensitive settings.

4. New Collection J-Bath Tub and Shower System from Habitat.

Making an innovative statement in the sense it was originally created in the 1970s, Habitat was converted into a luxurious shower enclosure with a self-watering tub and a touch screen shower console. The system was designed by spirituality and is sure to light up your bathroom in style.

5. New Natural Inspiration from Habitat.

The earthiness of the wood panels against the pop of yellow makes the J-Bath tub and shower stand out. The deep blue shades of the tile add a bold and sophisticated accent to the wood paneling in the shower. A touch of landscaping is always welcome as well. This natural inspired system is featured in the J-B bathroom suite from Habitat.

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