Prefab Modernist Homes By Ola Studio

The house you’ll find in the next one is prefabricated, with most of it being supported by columns and with only a few small openings. The house was built in the workshop of an industrial local friend. It was initially a holiday home, then a headquarters of personal things and finally a stage building for the printing house “Art Basel”.

The concrete facade goes all the way up to the roof and goes unnoticed until you’ve stepped into a interior courtyard. Inside, you can expect a minimalism that haases well in harmonious forms and materials aimed at highlighting the natural beauty of the materials and finishes used. The weaved window openings brighten up the whole interior. The floors concrete is left exposed underlined by the dappled light following the upsloping ceilings in all the social areas.

The kitchen asked for a custom-designed island to add practicality and functionality to its design. The architects at Studiolada came up with the perfect counter idea: a table that has a built-in storage compartment. The counter can be easily screwed on one of their sides and that’s how that alldaydbletable was made. In theory it can be very cheap and simple, but it looks amazing.

Prefab Modernist Homes By Ola Studio Photo 3

The night club was designed by the same folks over a similar project. This is a space that could act as a regular home but with lofts, one being multifunctional. It has two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and an office. The windows are large and definitely make this place seem less crowded but there’s still a very cohesive vibe throughout. Overall, the internal structure is meant to be a homogenous structure without any unusual features and accessories.

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