Pallet Garden Furniture Collection

Here’s a collection of a variety of pieces from the “common” to very specific. These pieces will help you organize and divide your garden. Depending on what you plan to use as a garden or what you plan to store, the pieces will be arranged in various combinations. The variety of designs brings together several elements that are either decorative or functional.

The collection is composed of a chair, armchair, table, bed, love stand and wire shelf. The two bird species that inhabit the collection are butterflies and bugs. The dimensions of the chair are 25×65 cm (WxH) and the table measures 25×45 cm (WxH). You can choose from six different colors and three models. Moreover, if you decide to use these pieces as a set, they have a predefined shape and form. This way they can be customized.The price it’s available on request.

Pallet Garden Furniture Collection Photo 3

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