Laundry Bathroom Combined With A Stylish Laundry Station

Laundry is a necessary but often you don’t want to live in a place very close to the outside (a mudroom is usually a very pretentious place). To avoid that, we decided to bring something for your comfort right in the laundry room. This is the Laundry Station Bunk, a beautiful piece with a simple but chic design and a compact footprint. The footprint measures 55? wide x 34? deep x 34? high and it also features a compact laundry hamper basket that measures 7 x 9? x 7?. The hamper basket is removable and machine washable.

The rustic design is very charming and this makes it perfect for this room. The hamper basket has a bright and fun color and it matches a lot of the other furniture in the vicinity of laundry. It also has a lip that prevents dirty clothes and gunk from sitting on the hamper for a while. The top portion of the hamper basket features cute little cork stoppers. The cork stoppers are made of white/charcoal and add a vintage touch to this simple structure.

The table contributes to the interesting décor. The hamper basket is available at the price of $0.14. Bella Rustica™ 1500 Aluminum – Cd Green Basket

The same model with the top supplied at the prices of $3.95 and $4.95 and the bottom, $10.96. Bella Rustica™ 8? H x 8? W Basket

Laundry Bathroom Combined With A Stylish Laundry Station Photo 4

The same compact and simple design but in terms of materials. This type of laundry room storage is great for small rooms and includes simple- items like a hamper basket. It saves you lots of space and it gives you a chance to functionally organize your space. All the items included in the set are recycled and are not break-proof. This particular one was designed to match the Roorkook brand.

The set is now available at the special price of $29.95. In case you like it you can also purchase it online now for $10.00. The price then adjusts to the size of your laundry room and the dimensions.

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