Latest Pool House For A Cute Little House In Sydney

This is an latest addition to the Mosman Park house. It is located in Sydney, Australia and it was designed by Luigi Rosselli Architects with several modifications. It was built on a site filled with beautiful vegetation and a drop off from the street. The garden was also beautiful at the same time. The main objective of the project was to make the house blend with the surroundings so that the transition from inside to outside would be smooth and natural.

The architects had to find a way to minimize the footprint and the connection with the nature in the same time. It seemed like a very simple and smart decision. But in fact many other changes were made than the total makeover. For example, black painted brick facades give the house a very unique look. New deck beds were added for six additional levels and courtyard. The garden seems like the perfect place for outdoor dining.

Latest Pool House For A Cute Little House In Sydney Photo 2

The Malator house is a high and very chic residence. It is the type of home that is beautiful in every single case and seems wonderful regardless of its location. In case you are worried about the fact that the house will stand out because of its location, I would optimism your opinion. The interior is equally wonderful. It is light and very simple, with stylish elements and inviting white surfaces. The color contrast is very nice.{found on designboom}.

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