Hydromassage Bathtub From Ceramica Parano – A Sculptural Bathtub

Glorious and bold, theHydromassage bathtub from Ceramica Parano offers a free-flowing design that is often a sought-after defining feature of modern and contemporary modern bathrooms. This modern tub is a sculptural and elegant choice for those who want a bathtub with a more flexible and adaptable system that brings forth highly individual characteristics. Underneath the tub lies a combination of chromotherapy and waste treatment that will help protect the tub against all sorts of weather. The bath is available in several finishes, such as Natural Wood, Cherry and Pearl, and its height can be customized as suits a particular décor or function. If you purchase this bathtub, then gain access to a matching sink that you can switch according to the application application taking into account water consumption.

The back of the bathtub sits on a large and simplistic wall unit very similar to the tub. Here you can place all sorts of bath accessories including shampoo spubs, soaps, rings, etc. In the end, the whole bathtub will represent a minimalist where comfortability and functionality should be prioritized. This particular tub is quite small and only measures 55.5’’ x 23.5’’ x 23.5’’ in total. Its design allows it to be fitted with sink, shower, shower curtains, bath storage, asoating panel, atoombardenious and, of course, a shelf.

Hydromassage Bathtub From Ceramica Parano – A Sculptural Bathtub Photo 4

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