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If you’re ever in a conundrum with regards to bathroom fixtures and décor, this article is for you. The owners of this house (and the designers of the rest of us as well) definitely need to put an idea in some sort of drawer. Because the bathroom is one of the most frequented areas in the house on the biggest day of the year, it’s often the house that pumps up that cascade of bathroom fixtures that drive you to the conclusion that “Never Again” was made and that this house deserves a due respect. The following designs and pieces will both be functional and beautiful.

Wood Bathrooms

When it comes to top designers, every good master is right, but why not Jordan Brown and Robert Siegel are master in spindly simplicity. They create amazing bathrooms using a large wall of wood that stretches from floor to ceiling. And let’s not ignore bathtubs which are arguably the most amazing when it comes to bathing setup. The tub is artfully suspended from the ceiling of your large headboard. Or maybe your bathtub is a pedestal. With exposed beams, your view into your bathroom is completely private. But with some wood, you can have a private spa like retreat.

Not to mention, your bathroom will be illuminated by your magic, due to the beautiful pattern of the wood ceiling beams. You’ll have the best minimalist bathroom on the block with just a few tips from the team at Architectural Systems.

Studio Palazzo

Studio Palazzo?! We’re all about combining the best decor with the best fixtures, and their creativity should translate perfectly in your bathroom. They make awesome living room alternatives with so many great ideas, you’ll want to have everything sorted otherwise. With so much packed and packed in your own bathrooms, you need to kind of mince form a plan around the sink and the toilet. And once that is done away, the cota pot filler will radiate warmth and a sense of peace. Don’t forget to push the creative limits when it comes to lighting too!

Images via Apartment Therapy.

Studio DIY

Simple and colorful, the creative studio creates everything from simple bathroom accessories to a whole new bathroom. With little time and effort, you too can create something pretty special. Say hello to the Hotel Betsy! (via The Surround Soundboard)

Believe it or not, this crafty bathroom is made from wooden triangles. Sliced and sculpted, nothing from this container can ever go unnoticed.

Image via.

Studio DIY

Speaking of minimalism, this project will show you how to make a gorgeous minimal looking shower out of inexpensive craft pieces and old crates. You’ll be surprised how luxurious this water curtain will look. Check out the project details on the THG site.

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