Wood Floors In Living Room – Unique Element In Every Room

Wood is a very beautiful and warm material that perfectly suits a living room. It’s a material that can be incorporated in many different domains, one of them being the furniture. You can use it as a base for unique pieces such as a beautiful chair or a bed, for delicate decorations or for natural woods that fit perfectly in a design. It’s a very nice choice for any modern or contemporary home. Here are some examples that demonstrate the versatility of wood in living rooms.

1. A traditional bed.

Wood Floors In Living Room – Unique Element In Every Room Photo 2

This is a particularly beautiful bed, one that provides a warm inviting look to the room, both by choosing the right type of design and texture and the choice of color. Of course, there’s also the option of choosing the carpet and it’s up to the user to opt on the color and textile you like best in that particular room.

Wood Floors In Living Room – Unique Element In Every Room Photo 3

2. An eco-friendly fireplace.

Whether you want your living room to be the center of attention, cozy and stylish or simply a beautiful feature, a fireplace is a wonderful idea. They are actually very common and not just in living rooms. They have also been designed to also serve as functional accent elements. In the case of a fireplace, it’s usually the firewood storage space that takes a lot of space and in the case of this particular space it’s the fireplace which combines the space into a single element.{picture found on site}.

3. Mid-century modern.

This living room, for example, features a mid-century modern fireplace which is perfect for the space as it balances out the butler’s table and everything looks very authentic and up to date. The butlers don’t have to much to hide and everyone can have fun arranging and displaying their ornate silverware. The butler’s board doesn’t even complete the décor. The fireplace features a simple color palette and, even though the neutrals are the only ones that crate a breath of freshness, the fireplace is the element that makes the room feel cozy.

4. A bold-colored sitting room.

Whether you prefer the classical black and white color scheme or you prefer a more exciting tone-based scheme, a bold-colored sitting room is always a great idea. You can book this room or you can make it yourself out of cardboard. You can combine the colors and harmonize the décor with other bold accents in the room.{picture found on pinterest}.

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