White Kitchen Decorating Ideas With Cute And Fun Faces

I think we can all agree that the key to creating a nice and fun kitchen is to make it look inviting and friendly. Still, you don’t actually have to do that by yourself or to involve the kids in the process. There are plenty of easy and creative ideas you can use. Here are some inspiring example.

1. Grab some baskets.

Making baskets is super easy to make as long as you have some cushion, a pillow etc or some fabric. You don’t need a lot of material but materials that you can gather and collect with the kids and the kids will be cute and colored. The poufs are a nice trick to keep them look and playful. They’re a great way to add some color to the kitchen and they can be used for the lamp, the plates, the pen holder, etc.

White Kitchen Decorating Ideas With Cute And Fun Faces Photo 3

2. Use textures.

White Kitchen Decorating Ideas With Cute And Fun Faces Photo 4

I find it very annoying when I can’t find the right carpet or rug material for my kitchen. It looks like there’s trash in there, not enough storage space and the whole room just… gets all kind of materials and all over the place. So a soft and cozy material is the perfect way to create a nice decoration. You can use a rug, a nice duvee, a rug pad or even something soft and comfortable like a zebra print rug for example. And they are all so tiny and of little sizes.

3. Create a nice color contrast.

The walls need to be painted too so you can add color to the room. A pale primary color like this forest green can be the base of your color scheme but you can add some yellow, orange or any other bright color that will stand out and will spice up your kitchen.

4. Timeless patterns.

If you use too many patterns then it doesn’t look good. The trend right now is to keep it simple and subtle. So use a plain and simple kitchen rug or a rug with a stripe or geometrical pattern. This way the whole room will look fresh and you’ll have a clean and cohesive look.

5. Filling up the empty space.

When you don’t have much furniture in the kitchen, you can use the kitchen island as a place to entertain guests. So use as many items as you have the cabinets or use the lower portion as a breakfast table. This way you will have extra workspace and you will create a more stylish atmosphere.

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