Pine Sleigh Bed With Sliding Nightstands And A Stylish Chandelier

The sleigh bed is a very beautiful piece, with an elegant and stylish design. It’s made of wood so it’s warm and cozy inside and also with elegant details meant to be a pleasant and soothing addition to both modern and traditional bedrooms. The bed is available in white or with a gray and chocolate finish.

The design is simple but sophisticated at the same time. The sleigh bed is tufted on the superior part of the headboard and the footboard and the bed itself is the same color. It’s only the bed that is unpainted. This means that the details and accessories can be easily changed if you prefer the color palette. The overall dimensions of the sleigh bed are 81 1930 x 12 50 X 59 43 cm, seat height: 24’’. It weighs 300 lbs but only measures 60’’. You can also adjust the height by simply moving the cup/setter.Each of the pieces from the sleigh bed is available in two different sizes – small (18? x 30?), measuring only 20? x 20?, measuring Overall 40? x 37? and measuring Overall 40? x 24?. You can choose from a variety of different patterns, fabrics and colors. The sleigh bed can be placed directly on the floor or you can place it on the edge of a bed or on a table. The nightstands are the perfect choice for those who want to create cozy decors in a more colorful and stylish manner.

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