Modern Home Images From The Grey House

If you like to travel, to visit different countries or just to visit exotic places, destination and continent, then why not have a piece of furniture that will help you get to those areas that’re difficult to find or that you need for that particular area. And since we all think it’s impossible to have all those features in your home, why not have a piece of furniture that will be functional and will look good? We just found this awesome grey house. It was designed by a German studio DDB Arkitekter and it’s actually just the thing you see when you open it. The thing that makes it so special is the minimalist design.

As you can see, the house has a low profile and is made from all neural concrete and bricks. It’s a very sturdy piece and it also has some simple features that make it seem original and unique. For example, it hides some secrets, hence the mystery nature of this piece of furniture. The white exterior lets it blend in and become one with the interior. The transition from one area to another is very smooth and seamless.

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Inside, you’ll notice that the overall décor is very clean and simple. The main goal was to create a harmonious décor that would be both practical and great for traveling but also to be aesthetically pleasing in a very nice way. Of course, it can’t just be a house. Some of the original architectural details have been preserved, such as the ceiling beams and the beams that support the cantilever table. They’re still visible and they go well with the rest of the décor.

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