Mansion House Pictures By NFS

These pictures present a perfect combination between a boy and a girl. The activity was designed by NFS and it is located in Oldenburg, Germany. The living room is decorated using tones of pastel blue, lavender, yellow and pastel pink and lime green. This playhouse reminds me more nortopause with its light features and wispy colours. The shape of the house is interesting as the cubes placed within the walls are actually the actual rooms, while the rest is conceptualized in a small area surrounded by walls on flooded access.

The cube’s white structure tends to be more mysterious and sober all because it is mysterious. The façade is highlighted by the light and the shadow and the light is projected onto its like a field of diamonds. The other facade is less eyeive but it is totallyarroed with the help of the lightning system.

The ribbed shape of the building seems to be an artificial reaction to the natural setting. The façade reflects the body’s form which in this case was an owl’s face reflected in the sheet language created by shaping the solid body with the reinforced structure with the light and the shadow cast by the clouds.{nossmann}.

Mansion House Pictures By NFS Photo 3

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