Large Square Coffee Tables From And So De Mantel

I love coffee tables that look like they came from the “Castello Monastero” or something similar. So I guess it would be a good idea to purchase one and to know that they are functional and you can use them properly. This Large Coffee Table is perfect as a coffee table, but it looks less graceful if you use it as a nightstand .

This graceful design of the coffee table allows grace and style to be present every time and the fact that it is made of marble helps. The four half inch square table is strong enough to last for a couple of years and to be able to keep your coffee that way. This table has strong legs and thick and solid wood construction which makes it easy to integrate it in your living room. It has a marble tabletop and the frame is made of wood. The four legs are attached to a plate in a symmetric design. There is also a round top, but in fact is a bit more rounded. It is elegant and simple and can be easily integrate in any house where family members go. You can now purchase this set of coffee tables for $29.95.

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