House Inside Mountain Resort In New Zealand

We all remember the great parties and wonderful gatherings that were held inside nature-driven, tree-washed houses. They were held inside of the rock, where everything was hand-sand and, at the same time, indoors, too. I can’t think of any society house designed such as the one created by Nils Foller, the mind cannot escape the satisfactions of a spectacular tree-lined garden and the fun part is the fact that the villa can be completely closed and it can’t be opened up to the surroundings, yet open enough to give the owners the sensation of being in a treehouse. This villa located in New Zealand, is hardly a stand-out building, having only one and a half storey building, so that it makes one think the standard Japanese theory of high ceilings.

Well, this Japanese-style villa has only one facade and that is closed to the interior where it makes everything comfortable and accessible to the occupants. Inside, the layout is simple and clean with an uniform palette of materials that depend not only on the nature and the function of the space, but also on the way it was used now and tomorrow.

This place is pretty amazing, what makes it so special? From what I can say, it’s absolutely extraordinary.

House Inside Mountain Resort In New Zealand Photo 3

Everything is perfect, including the intricate way in which things were built that is made of wood and gives an impression of harmony between the walls and roof.

Everything is modern and the lack of a cover made of a certain non-toxic wood burned instead of covered with toxic oil is visible. Through the windows there are plenty of fresh air and visual pathways that take you from one place to another, a few steps away but not so many.

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