Grand Stairs, A Beautiful House In Sainte-amune Shop By Maxime Moreau

Created by Maxime Moreau, a Paris-based architect, the Grand stairs started as a simple but aged duplex apartment. He changed it up with a modern residence with an unusual and eye-catching staircase.

The stairs were transformed into a stunning residence and they have a gorgeous old look, perfect for living, working and sleeping inside. The stairs have white walls and a simple and modern design and they serve as a contrast to a beautiful exterior and a cool and minimalist interior.

The Grand Union staircase is a typical European-inspired design. It has a bright white exterior with red brick accents that match the main features of the staircase. The stairs have a total surface of 60 cm. The spacing between the walls is more than usual. The hallway was almost lacking window walls so Maxime’s solution had to use these empty spaces to trick the eye. This also allowed the white staircase to stand out and most wonderful feature is its fluidity.

A fireplace is the focal point of the living room. It’s actually the same one that also defines the dining zone. The fireplace wall has been painted black to contrast with the white floor and the grey chairs are an interesting addition. Around the fireplace there’s also a TV. In the office there’s a portion that only has natural light. It’s actually the integrated desk that forms the backrest. Maxime also designed other similar partitions. They create a continuous design that follows the same angular lines.

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