Gazebo Outdoor – Amazing Structure In Belgium

If you’re currently living in a house and would like to give some in-time, outdoor space, this incredible gazebo is the way to go. The structure was created by D-G Studio under the direction of its owner, Marcien Schulz. In total, it’s a four-storey rock garden with a separate living area on the second level and an outdoor lounge area on the top. Of course, you would have to leave the gazebo completely empty because then you would also have to take a look outside for water and fresh food, right?

Outdoor cooking is considered a special achievement and it’s why we’ve always given this is a place worthy of being in the rock garden. We chose this prefabricated structure specifically for its design and structure. The house was made from prefabricated elements in order to be transported overnight to the site of construction. The interior is divided into three sections: a private living room, a social room and a dining room.

The walls and floors are painted white throughout and this bright and airy combination makes it an inviting space for both relaxation and entertainment. The red cushions and modern appliances make the house complete.

The deck outside the house captures the beautiful summer weather and acts as a barrier between the house’s private interior and the open deck.

The deck and swimming pool create a stunning spot where you can truly relax and have a piece of nature in the backyard while the blue waters of the ocean add an extra boost in the comfort of your own backyard. All the vegetation seems to complete this unique piece of paradise.

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