Floor Flower Vase By Amyasure

Well, it’s been a while since we all realized that vases are very useful vases and we weren’t talking about a flower vase here. Let’s come back to them and see what Amyasure does. They have created a very beautiful and delicate vase for water. This vase is shaped like a water droplet and can be easily used as a vase. The flowers are supposed to absorb water and to be the delicate ingredient or the perfect container for water. The same thing about this colorful vase with beautiful flowers painted on it, I’m sure it’s very hard to find the right spot for it.

Even though the exact design of this vase is not different from the ones we use in the bathroom anyway, it’s a very unique piece. It’s so delicate and beautiful and yet so versatile. It would look lovely in a home, in a Buddhist or Christopher Mona retreat and it would be an eye-catching decoration. The item is now available to be purchased for EUR1826.83.

Floor Flower Vase By Amyasure Photo 3

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