Coastal Home Designs – For Those On A Tighter Budget

A luxury cottage home is a common scenario in the coastal area where the limited space is used to maximize the functionality of the house. A private, urban bungalow on the east side of the Atlantic covers a total area of 2042 square feet. It’s a private residence located on a corner lot in New York City.

Abundant construction is readily available for private assembly. Except for the main floors of the two-story building, the private areas of the house are located on the second and third levels. Barely there. The residence is a cozy cottage ad located in a region that has not been affected by World War II. Actually, the nature of the property preserves all traceable features with its coastal garden and olive trees. The house includes olive trees and an urban sculpture found on the property.

In spite of its classic form – a square, long narrow volume submerged on a column – the structure has not sophisticated architectural details, all of them being carefully conceived. Besides thyme, another important found object in the property’s property is the front garden of the property.

In the back of the lot there is a small olive tree which, as the name implies, lies between the residence and the pool. The plantings have been harvested from the lowest levels of the property.

The north side of the residence is completely free and empty, with only the pool and the landscape visible. The cars and bicycles that were parked on the lane side are parked on the south side, thus minimizing the environmental footprint of the building.

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