Small Cubby Storage Inside The Kitchen

Cubbies are very useful. Basically they are containers that can be used for something other than cooking. They usually have holes from where to store cold bread, some for cold bread, liquid meat, vegetables and sometimes even the garbage. If you can find them somewhere, they can be reusable and quite handy as well. Here’s an example of a small cubby that I found, among my kitchen furniture for example.

It’s not very common for a couple of cubbies to be placed somewhere in the kitchen, especially in the kitchen where there are cabinets and cabinets just lying around. However, it works. Here’s a very nice example of a cubby that uses a very good sized kitchen.

It’s not as common for a couple of cubbies to become a part of a storage unit. Some shelves are not even necessary, because they can be integrated in the unit and the user will still find their place there. This particular cubby solves that. It’s a small unit that can also be used as a storage space if it’s small and it has a lack that hides the quantity of space but, of course, it’s there. It’s very compact and that’s just one of its side features.

This particular version of the cubby also has a small shelf at the top. It can be used for anything from board or buffet papers to magazines and bags. As you can probably tell, in this case the storage space is not generous so one could use the shelf for something else. Still, it’s a very ingenious idea. As for the dimensions, the most typical size is 5? wide x 14? long x 14? high. If your kitchen is large, then you can adapt your cubby unit to perfectly fit. Just make sure the dimensions are able to meet your needs.

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