Retro Plates And Mugs

Since we were young, kids know his or her age when they like to spend time in their rooms. But no matter their age they should all use their imagination and get something different. For example a nice looking tableware with a funny lamp shade would make a great ambient light that will also bring some light to their rooms. The same thing happened to the last model that is smaller than the model presented here, so it is not real but just a stylized model with the name of “retro” written in an explosion bubble. I honestly don’t know the name of this model, but it is funny looking and colourful and it seems to be made of plates with coloured seashells.

The plates are rather white, but coloured in order to make them more attractive and to suggest the models used for storing them. The model now available on MorsTechnico contains the following colors: white, red, orange and blue. The numbers tell you if it is a lamp or a plate or a table or something else and the shape of the lamp is painted in white or blue. This lamp is perfect as it is colourful and funny looking and also easy to remove and clean it.

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