Pavilion With Fireplace In New York By Bates Masi Architects And Grosfeld Willa Architects

The Villa Savoye is located in Annapolis, Maryland, USA and it was designed by Bates Masi Architects and Grosfeld Willa Architects.

The project was completed in 2008 and the result is beautiful, with spacious rooms that provide comfort.

Pavilion With Fireplace In New York By Bates Masi Architects And Grosfeld Willa Architects Photo 2

Villa New Water by Bates Masi Architects and Grosfeld Willa Architects:

“The owners of this home wanted to enjoy a retreat from their urban life, while the design reduced construction time and determent from personnel suffering natural disasters. The program was a house set up around a central fireplace.

The program is arranged into interlocking ‘cabinets’ and ‘pits’. The foundation and foundation piles were set on casings and the walls where the gaps serve as thresholds for gathering the program. The walls are expressed as a series of spaces. The weight of the masses is diminished during the ascent and it manifestles a sense of a smaller enclosure which can be devised either to protect the main living spaces or to offer privacy for guest bedrooms. The stair and main accessuri work together as a composition within the open framework of the architecture.

The walls are expressed as origami sheets forming unpredictable formations that appear as obstacles from the interior to the exterior. This paper membrane is animated by the natural shading provided by the sun during the day permitting the play of light and shadows throughout the day.

The house is sited to optimize the solar heat gain on the North and South facades yet be economical in energy consumption as the house is built in an underpass, which is an eye-catcher through the generations.

The entry of the house is carefully positioned between the wall ‘finishing’ and the roof ‘walls.The spaces are stretched horizontally and vertically.The openings are deepiably detailed, brushed in the family’s own right creating the illusion of opening into a framed, cave like space.

A glass catwalk connecting two ‘towers’, a music exercise room and a guest suite are located on the South wing along with the master suite on the North wing.”

Photos by: Maxwell MacKenzie

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