Modern Bachelor Pad In New York City

bachelor pads are very attractive. They have apartments and I’m sure that you will find one among them among your friends. Actually, the guys from my bachelor party were recently presented with another one of my favorites. It was this lovely New York City apartment that came to my mind when I looked it. It is nothing like the ordinary place. When you first see it you wonder if there is a normal person in the house, but nothing more. The apartment was designed by Paul Chaplin who is known for his bespoke designs.he has developed a classic and luxurious style which is characterized by straight lines and high standards, which is exactly what this apartment looks like.

The apartment features a wide-open space with the doors and windows integrated in the walls. Apparently, there is also a kitchen and dining room separated from the living room by the wall. To make things even more interesting, there are oval coffee tables on both sides of the sofa, a modern lamp above the table, a dining table made of glass and two tables made of the same glass as well.

Modern Bachelor Pad In New York City Photo 2

The apartment has a lot of personality and it is unique. As youbern your choice of furniture, it’s better to see your favorite pieces by yourself, so you might as well involve the help of a professional, so you might as well ask yourself what exactly you like before you buy it. As you may have all the pictures for you in your magazine, here’s an example of what you can do.

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