Modern Architecture San Francisco, The World’s Largest City In The Philippines

In the world of architecture, there is one people that defines style and style and that doesn’t impress through extravagance or luxuriousness. It’s because people are not so defined by their own particular features and this is what makes this building amazing. Built in the 19th century, the San-Francisco building has been the subject of extensive renovation efforts, being an important and successful exception to that rule.

Thanks to its exceptional location, it provides the perfect environment where a modern city can be admired. The renovation proposal doesn’t interfere with the original structure but adopts a completely different look in its look and that of the building to the maintain its identity and identity.

A new dining room has been installed, a place where freshness is always present and which acts as the perfect transition between traditional and modern style. The kitchen is situated at the western end of the café and has an ergonomic design. There is at least one other place in the café open on the balcony. The entrance is not hidden anymore but has a wooden door and glass ceiling.

Notice the earthy tones and green green color combination and the way in which these elements have been incorporated into the décor. The newly built space is singular so it’s not necessary to emphasize all these aspects. Also, I think we’ll also notice the incredible and unique lamp design chosen to match this unique modern design.{pics by Toshihisa Ishikawa}.

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