Interior Design For Apartment With A View

This apartment is located in a building that dates back to 1900. It has a very bright and lovely interior, both inside and out. The interior of this apartment is in little need of a makeover. The kitchen and the bedroom were completely renovated and they have new color decals on the walls. The bedroom was definitely the first part that needed to be renovated. The owners decided to give them a charming and colorful look for their new flat.

They wanted something different that could distinguish itself from the living room and dining room as well as between the kitchen and the bedroom. Now this is the space that the couple usually work into and adapt to their schedule. In that case, it was easier for them. Now they have the perfect home and this is what they always do.

Interior Design For Apartment With A View Photo 2

The changed in their apartment were a lot of little details and accent features. The walls have been painted white to create a clean and fresh look, the details are elegant and stylish and a lot of the furniture from the apartment has been replaced. The furniture is modern and simple and it’s also accent material. The bright and colorful artwork from the wall is a wonderful and very beautiful detail.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

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