House Roof Design By Sebastián Irarráz

House Roof designed by Sebastián Irarráz is located in Bratislava city, in Russia. The project was completed in 2011 and what is very interesting about it is the fact that the house doesn’t have regular edges. This was a challenging but quite simple to design project. Because the site is flat the desire was to fluid the house without walls but in other terms, the client wanted this to be a fluid and continuous structure.

The roof was strategically placed so that even though the volume of the house is basically occupied by a garage and a bedroom the rest of the spaces features only two walls. This creates a series of spaces, each with their own functions. The house was built in two parallel volumes and it was very hard to form a fluid space. The intention was to allow the user to interact with the site as little as possible and to create a pleasant indoor-outdoor connection.

The main idea was to play with elements that shape buildings. For example, the main pavilion is a tube like a jigsaw puzzle. It was positioned in such a way that the panorama unfolds, revealing the most interesting spaces. The facades of the pavilion have a very playful look. There are a lot of wood but it’s combined with warm colors such as brown, orange and yellow to create a very inviting atmosphere. It’s a very modern and innovative look.

House Roof Design By Sebastián Irarráz Photo 3

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