Unique Bathroom And Furniture Collection From N Wastu

One way of taking a piece of nature and embellishing it with luxury is to invest the time and energy in remodeling it, transforming it in something unique and extraordinary. Of course, you must first make everything perfect.This is what an Olson Lab product looks like. It is a unique bathroom and furniture collection that combines the wonderful exotic air with the functionality that is required in order to turn useful parts of home into usable pieces of furniture. Every single element of this furniture combined with the exotic touch of color and material and the comfort that one can get from simple elements like a hammock and a hammock pole can be another inspiring example of how you can minimize the disadvantages of common residential elements and decorating and maximize the aesthetic sense that only good things can do.

The key is to keep the place simple, elegant and practical, with good taste and style. Of course, these values are important as well, as for the whole theme of the interiors. We have selected only three examples, but you should concentrated on the examples that speak for themselves.

You don’t necessarily need a special reason to want to remodel your bathroom. You can just about anything, even plants. For example, you could turn a large mirror into a decoration. The most difficult part is knowing what type of material to choose. If you want a mirror that fits the shape and size of the bathroom perfectly, choose ceramic or colored fixtures, opt for a more unusual material like weather proof glass or polycarbonate or something similar. If the mirror is either too short or too long, find a replacement, but still like temporary focal point.{pictures from Stefan Borselius}.

Unique Bathroom And Furniture Collection From N Wastu Photo 3

Unique Bathroom And Furniture Collection From N Wastu Photo 4

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