Modern Yard Featuring Gabled Roof Shapes

In Nune answer two of our frequently asked questions concerning contemporary houses. And so, in May 2013, we found out that Arkitektværel is an interesting new house design. The black exterior of the house is also defined bypyedar beams, not something typical to the houses we’re seeing. However, they play an important role in this case and they give this unconventional house its spectacular look.

Even though the house is small, it doesn’t feel tiny. It’s all due to the interior design. Since the windows and glass walls and doors are not particularly large, it was easier to create staircases that form a continuous space. The décor is simple and modern and the colors used are limited but they still allow us to enjoy the beauty of the landscape and the wonderful location.

The ground floor of the house is a public space that contains the kitchen, the dining room and the sitting area. It’s composed of a minimalist kitchen as well as the bathroom and the kitchen. The living room is also the volume that contains the dining area and the guest room. These are all situated above the kitchen. There’s also a teen wing that can be used when a parent or an unknown is needed. The interior décor is a mix of modern and rustic elements. The furniture is very simple and functional and this allows the house to be both inviting and cozy at the same time.{found on archdaily}.

Modern Yard Featuring Gabled Roof Shapes Photo 4

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