Lift Up Table And Bar With Hot Drawers

The last functional and beautiful furniture piece for your bathroom is the lift up table and bar. In this modern and functional décor, you can see the same drawer used for another important reason, it allows you to close the lid whenever needed, but of course, does not allow you to open or close the cabinet when it’s closing. This perfectly suited piece for the old-fashioned and round bathroom.

The piece is very versatile and very practical because it allows you to use any table and bar as a counter. Not only that it has an innovative design, but it also has hot drawers that allow you to store a large amount of things, like the soap, lotion, shampoo or other necessary items. And the hot drawers do not rotate, but slide back and they stick to any surface. This means you won’t have to replace it again when it’s totally and you have everything all ready and hot in place. It’s the perfect bar, perfect for tall people that need a little extra space for personal things like those small bathroom supplies that they use for grooming products and etc.

Lift Up Table And Bar With Hot Drawers Photo 3

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