Indoor Entryway Benches

Just like the outdoor furniture, these benches provide extra seating when needed and they can also be used inside everyday. However, most often, it’s nice to also have something on the porch or in the garden, just for mood lighting. Today we came across this very interesting combination. Not a lot of people pay special attention to the entryway benches but they sometimes take over the project. This is the type of seating usually found in the living room.

You can basically use any type of bench there. they’re always simple and clean-looking. These lovely Belgian garden benches got an update and they look wonderful here. The Grass bench was adapted to match the style worn by the bergère tree. Its elegant trim is made of black rubberwood. The bench is topped with beach mud and it’s extremely comfortable, perfect for the garden, terrace or backyard.

The Garden bench designed by Enrico Ceballazzi is also characterized by a smooth and curved form and beautiful curves. The piece is made of wood, more specifically by Ceballoch iTorreon, a strong and durable material. Another important characteristic about this bench is the fact that it’s meant to be as comfortable as its actual version. It comes in several vibrant colors.

Indoor Entryway Benches Photo 3

You can choose from numerous different shades of wood and only include benchtop finishes or, in other cases, a grey finish. The Pick bench is available in various color combinations, ranging from glossy lacquers to warm browns, in several different shades of brown and green and combinations of different colors as well as different types of upholstery. The seat, which is square and tapered, is ergonomically designed.

Although the Sit bench is made for outdoor use, its design is very versatile as well. Include it in a garden, a contemporary outdoor landscape or garden with tall potted plants. The bench, as you can see, is made of wood with an oil finish. The bench, as you can see, is made of solid oak. The design is simple and modern, with a large built-in storage basket which allows you to store outdoor items, hence your favorite items inside the bench.

The Minwax wood bench is available in six different finish options. This light and matte black version looks a lot like real wood but has a refined and elegant look. The bench is versatile enough to adapt to a variety of settings and decors and offers 4.37” H x 47.76” W x 27.5” D seating space. The seats are made from premium all-weather wicker and come in six different colors.

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