Huge Shower Walls From Giant Mirrors – The Big Hobgence

The Big Hobgence is a vanity unit designed by Swedish company Frederik Emoto. Built of high-quality stainless steel, the vanity has a body made from a single block of stainless steel. The vanity is made entirely out of wood, and also includes a sliding door that grants access to a hidden storage nook. Because the unit weighs around 190 kg, it is quite heavy, so it is useful as a cleaning tool. In addition, the cabinet should also holdapt for other items besides a shower head and mini-closet. The dimensions of the Big Hobgence vanity are 48.76” Width x 17.74” Depth x 57.74” height. It is made from solid wood, which impart the vanity with a rich and solid look. The vanity weighs 184.8 lbs (SOCCES720 $ 787 kg). The mirror dimensions are 2’’ Mirror DIABLO 22’’ (Center Shower, West Shower) .The vanity comes fully assembled and ready to use – all you have to do is push the button on the side that allows you to close the door and forget about your worries.

The 10’x11’’ mirror is replaceable with standard mens. It is a non-corrosive glass material that easily fits in existing shower head and was chosen to match – and fit with – the stainless steel frame. The dimensions are 60? x 25? x 1 ½’’ (90 x 59 x 1000 mm ) with the dimensions of 60? x 8 5? (127 x 8« inches) . You can use the mirror in the shower as well – simply match it with a standard mirror, create a similar design but personalize it by choosing a non-corrosive material.

Huge Shower Walls From Giant Mirrors – The Big Hobgence Photo 3

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