Home Pool Ideas For A Poolside Backyard

If you live by the sea and you wish to enjoy the vast blue and the green covered landscape, you should know that a home or an outdoor space is definitely going to need space and that making it look appealing is not easy. But once you have a piece of furniture or a set of furniture that allows you to fulfill your fun desires and as it turns out it’s a very simple task, the key is to only buy the decorative objects that create space, comfort and privacy. Here are some examples of how you can make that invisible screen for your pool.

In this case, a contemporary pool design was created in France. The most impressive and impressive is the Widestry designed by Pierre Bodsee, a Russian architect who basically created a landscape that looks like that of old Greenwich wiring. The idea was to create a building that is invisible when seen from above. At first, it looks like an invisible wall. The Widestry is a multifunctional building where invisible objects are placed almost completely hidden behind the invisible walls.

The Widestry can be distinguished from ordinary furniture by its cylindrical shape. It an combines of different modules that can be used individually or as a set of several.

Home Pool Ideas For A Poolside Backyard Photo 3

In addition, this is also an energy saver because it converts the hot water into a source of clean water for the adjacent grill or sink. If you want to keep heat off the building and remain within the green of the vegetation, the feature allows you to recycle the collected water and the heat for the stove, the other walls are always powered by the hot water.This is a very ingenious and stylish way of making your life easier.

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