Grenada Tile Collection – The Toxia Collection By Artas Architects

The Toxia collection is a series of decorative tile made of concrete, aluminum, fiberglass, polyester and travertine. The Toxia collection is also available in light grey and brown aluminium. They are great on anything imaginable and the squares and geometrical shapes are very versatile. The geometric patterns and colors allow the Toxia tile collection to stand out and to be admired for their modern and colorful look. The squares and geometries combined are the result of a unique mosaic that reflects the owner’s entire personality.

The Toxia collection is great because of its graphical composition as well as for its simplicity. This is a collection of items that can be used to create a unique, eye-catching and sophisticated design. The simplicity of the design makes the items even more interesting and unique. All the items found in this collection have a strong visual impact on the room and they all look wonderful in pairs and clusters.

A lot of people enjoy finding new and interesting ways to decorate their home. They want something that only the owner understands and that only the ones with original tastes understand. This concept is also valid when dealing with a company or with a social project. It’s often surprising and it’s really nice to have pieces that stand out. The Toxia collection is particularly interesting.

It combines and inspiring the uniqueness of stone and water and its a combination that results in a unique combination and a design that adds a modern twist to anything. The Toxia stone tiles come in several different colors and they are all striking and eye-catching. This means that it’s a series of designs that is suitable for simple and contemporary homes. The tavonado design is particularly beautiful because of all the cracks and cracks that occur when you’re looking at it. Amazingly, there’s no furniture sticking out of the stone because there’s no room for them to be left there, as the stone will still be there.

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