Furniture Upcycled By Blackmilk Design

Furniture designers are getting more and more creative with what they are creating and the industrious Australian company Blackmilk Design has patented a unique shelving system that has the appearance of a crossword puzzle. Their invention can be used in a countless way to create a home furnishings, accessories, desk and table and add spinning world – wood to whimsier items. The innovative piece is perfect for any room of the house, including office, dining room, bedroom but also home to your child’s playroom or even bathroom. Another innovative piece is the Uptown Coffee Table. This standing piece made of reclaimed wood is perfect for a bedroom side table, displaying art – or just for those cold, arrive home and fell with a glass coffee table on a bare table. The best thing about it is the Uptown coffee table will always be a prefect way to bring some cheer into your home when you decide to move things around. The Uptown set is available at Blackmilk Design and you can have it for $89.

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