Double Bed For Small Room, A Practical Alternative For The Cats

cats love to lounge and explore the open floor spaces. It’s not something you can permanently change when they move outside. However, if you’re creative you can basically make your pet a day bed, a Murphy bed, a Murphy bed into a cozy chair and into a bed designed especially for your pet. It’s not the most fun piece of furniture you could have but it’s a practical and clever alternative to the regular beds and lounge chairs.

This bunk bed is great for your cats since it provides a place for them to sleep, while admiring your beautiful artwork. Your cats like to climb on the beds because they like the sound. But there are also humans that like to sleep in there as well. So why not have a bed that’s safe, permanent and that your pets can use both when sleeping or when doing activities other than work? Check out the Candybox House.

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