Country White Kitchens For A Fresh And Modern Look

The white color in the kitchen is usually associated with modern and contemporary designs. However, this usually means something old-school and not at all contemporary. A country white kitchen is something that can make any space look fresh and bright. It can easily enhance a neutral or simple kitchen design making it easier to maintain and get the look without too much fuss.

If you insist on a specific contrast color, you can go for a monochromatic white color scheme. This way you get to create contrast without using too much color. For example, you could choose a bright shade of green for the kitchen and a red, white or grey for the bathroom or the kitchen.

Country White Kitchens For A Fresh And Modern Look Photo 2

If you want to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere for your kitchen, you can choose a soft, touchable tone of wood for the furniture. This way it would feel and look warm and it would also be easier to clean. Opt for light tones of wood for a simple look that would also warm up the space.

White is a very versatile color, not always suitable for kitchens just like a dark, rustic or traditional finish. You can create a white minimalist theme for your kitchen with the help of accessories such as a wooden plate holder, some white planters, white furniture slats and white slats for the flooring.

Try using white as the main color for the kitchen floor. This way you will be able to create an airy, spacious and bright décor. You can paint the floor white as well to go with the minimalist look you’ve decided to achieve. If you have built-in storage, you can use wood planters to maximize the storage area.

If you decide to have white in the kitchen, you might also want to use white cabinets. They’ll be easier to clean and the color can also be a nice choice for the walls. Since white cabinets are a great energy-efficient option, white cabinets should be the most suitable for that. A white wall clock will definitely be an eye-catching decoration.{picture sources:1,2,3,and 4}.

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