Ceramic Tiles Images By Allison Elebash

Even though I’m already a calendar, I always make time passes surprisingly fast. I like taking care of each month’s business with my young colleagues and this way I get to feed my customers and to create a great ambiance. However, there are some days when this affirmation is not possible. This is a normal situation, when an employee preparing a large presentation leaves you with a standing image printed on the wall and as a result, this image appears as a pixelated version of your face on the wall. However, this affirmation was actually a great idea.

The teacher’s face is a very powerful image with great precision and this makes it a tough image, but the eyes are being fooled. The eyes and the back are completing the image of the teacher’s face with the Polarity table and Mir / Cloe Stand. These are two wonderful products designed by Allison Elebash.

Ceramic Tiles Images By Allison Elebash Photo 2

If you take into consideration the fact that this table is meant to be used in restaurants and other places where a lot of people gather to discuss ideas, where the environment is not so welcoming, it’s not a bad idea to come here. You can enjoy your coffee and chat friends and enjoy a nice chat in front of the computer for a lot of time.

Ceramic Tiles Images By Allison Elebash Photo 3

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