4 Story Houses Built Of Old Ruins From Brasília

This concrete structure has been abandoned for several years, inside and out, currently serving as a shell company’s abandoned house. It’s located in Costes Park, Brasília, Brazil and it’s a very intriguing project. It was a project by Andres Remy Arquitectos and it was recently completed. It’s not a particularly large project but neither was it a masterpiece. The house was built using massive fragments of stone and different types of wood. Besides being a natural continuation of the materials and thestructures that they’re throwing into the courtyard, this house is also singularly beautiful.

The construction of the house was a quick and complex process. It was also unusual because of the materials and the way they’ve been combined. A series of dark stone columns have been placed at various heights and this allows the interior design to be minimalist and simple. The house was also clearly designed with a series of light areas and a bright side. The light also enters via skylights and openings.

4 Story Houses Built Of Old Ruins From Brasília Photo 2

There’s also a large glass wall that goes all the way up to the ceiling and forms a sort of vertical installation. The interior design is minimalist and the house complements the surroundings perfectly. From the outside, the residence seems to have an almost impromptu design. This doesn’t mean that the house has to match or become a ruin but instead an unique and irreplaceable structure that has immense potential.

4 Story Houses Built Of Old Ruins From Brasília Photo 3

Even so, it all has been created by an expert. It’s not a very sophisticated project and the underground offices wouldn’t agree. However, they are impressive just like any other building that you’ve ever seen. The office is very simple. It’s a white structure with the original stone walls covered with wood. The combination between the different kinds of stone and bricks creates an interesting texture and shadow pattern that complements beautifully the overall design.

4 Story Houses Built Of Old Ruins From Brasília Photo 5

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