Solid Brass Chandelier By Cecile Toruert

The Brass chandelier is a glamorous residence designed by Cecile Toruert. The Eden Lavatory combines brass fittings and glass into a very delicate and elegant design.The seamless play of light on glass gives the chandelier an elegant look. It sparkles and it anchors the entire room. The twisted arms on all sides of the chandelier’s base are perfect for the lighting features and an exquisite and daring design statement.

The main structure is made of solid brass, which is an excellent choice for the winter days. The design also features an elegant domed ceiling with a metal rod cut through the brass structure. The beautiful circle of light is further enhanced by the plushily-wrapped pocket doors. The gorgeous form of the brass becomes apparent in the after pictures, giving the chandelier a truly elegant figurehead effect.

A long line of pebbles suspended over the solid brass structure provides spectacular visual detail. The minimalist brass pieces only become even more spectacular with time. I love the way the brass pendant lights hang like rays from the crystal hanging ceiling. This type of lighting is usually the most suitable for a luxurious boudoir apartment. I myself favor brighter colors and the subtle lighting helps emphasize the elegance of the design.

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