Shaes Of Blue And White With Purple Accents

My first project in life was a black and white color in the shape of a purple bow. That was my crazy choice for dressing up photos with. I made sure to express the beauty of the frame by adding some purple accent on the walls. If you are familiar with genuine purple bottle or another metallic object, this color scheme will not differ much from what we used to imagine when we first imagined purple. However, with a little help from primer and painting techniques and some simple ribbons, we were able to obtain a colorful display .

The frame is painted in different colors, giving the place a playful effect. The ribbons used to embellish this frame are: white, ribbons with the colors of a purple bow and a teepee that matches the colors of the ribbons and white carpet. Each color is used in two different ways – either using some colorful imagination or making some rules regarding your choices. Thus you can easily create a display that will make the house look great on the spot and that will not make you nor your guests ask questions. The most important aspect related to purple is in home decoration, no matter it is a modern decorated house, but also to the decorative objects around the house.

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