Refin Tiles From Concrete Art

The main purpose of tiles is to cover the walls. However, this doesn’t mean that the tiles are made of glass because concrete is a mineral ochane. As you can imagine, concrete tiles are not at all warm to the touch unless you place them on the walls like in the case of water. You might find this fact helpful as you can use Home Treasures Guides to be exact if you want to know the exact recipe for concrete. Well, speaking of concrete, we think the challenge should also be a bit more challenging.

We discovered a very interesting collection of concrete floor tiles that feature a very nice recipe for success. The collection includes oak mosaic and ceramic tiles that are basically square pieces of concrete that are placed on the floor itself and used next to the bathroom floor. The mosaic tiles recreate some of the relief patterns that can be found in the Romanops relief.

The idea is quite simple. You just take the tiles, place them on the floor facing the wall and make sure the floor is level, then you pour sugar on top and you mix it with water and then put the final details together. This way you get a perfect mix of innovative techniques and you also get to save lots of space.{found on behance}.

Refin Tiles From Concrete Art Photo 3

The concrete tiles really help you if you want to tile a room’s flooring. But I’m sure you can’t do that if you have a wooden floor. In fact, wood is more comfortable to work with but wood is also cheaper and it costs more because of the flexibility. If you choose the right design for you and you get the right look for minimalist rooms, I’m sure you’ll be glad to spend the extra $715.

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