Popular Football Players From The “celona Team”

Kanu Pa?son ceiling is as much a symbol of the Barcelona team as it is a model for the Chicago architects. Both the ceilings resemble the shape of a Barcelona ship, but on the inside there is a very different and yet equally elegant décor.

The ceilings are the most interesting feature in this apartment. They are covered with Finnish wood boards and their shape really reminds of a ship. The walls and the floors are white, but the windows and doors and the windows in the house are made of wood. There a contrast of colors is created by both colors and different textures. From my point of view this is a fantastic project that the guys from Erba decided to do with the personality and the interests of the people who live there. The result is so successful that I wouldn’t change anything from my life at all.

The building in which the house is situated was built in 1909. Guests have the opportunity to take a look at the structure and the current look of the building. The house is definitely unique and a unique construction. It is a contemporary building that separates the public and the private. From the outside, it looks like a completely white building. But from the inside, it looks like a black building.

The combination of materials used to build this unique house includes wood, stone and concrete. The house is unique in the way the walls are asymmetrical and have the same irregular shapes as the roof. The final look is amazing. I am not sure if the curtains are left on the inside because they have a railing down on the top, but the wooden interior makes an amazing safe for the inhabitants.{found on designsponge}

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