Pastel Colored Chairs By Metallux

Elegant and modern in design, the Shell chairs designed by Metallux are the perfect bright color for a modern house. The bent tubes from the tubes light up like a beautiful flower allowing you to have a natural connection with everything surrounding. They can be combined to create a tabletop lamp and lampshade, or a table top with multiple layers. The tubes are available in a variety of colors as well as seven different colors. The chair comes with a sturdy steel frame and provides soft support for your back while also adding that very specific Italian design element.

The wire frame is treated to help resistance from the wear and tear so that it remains strong and durable. It is also available in a beautiful jute finish and can be stained or painted in accordance with the surrounding environment. The overall dimensions of the Elegance chair are 47?W x 35?D x 37?H. You can customize these chairs to your own needs. They would look great in a modern home. The colors vary from ivory to pastel tones and tones of gray.

Pastel Colored Chairs By Metallux Photo 3

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