Paris Black Glass Pavilion In South Africa

This extraordinary glass pavilion that can be seen from any point of the house was a project designed by Polhemus Modular. The client had just begun to document his life and he had the plans to start his own business. As the structure began to take shape he began to travel and South Africa his travels inspired him to create his own homes. As he also had a falling log cabin he started to travel again and to eventually settle in Malanga City, in New South Wales, Australia. That’s where he is now, surrounded by cultures and ideas from all around the world.

He started this project with designing his clients, local to the island and they were all influenced by this. The client’s that developed a strong pro-bacterial ideology that they would soon soon use and a strategy to combine that with healthy plant foods and environmentally friendly materials. As a result they have a beautiful glass pavilion where herbal tea is grown. It’s a quite inspiring project and a great example of sustainable systems and projects.{found on designboom}.

Paris Black Glass Pavilion In South Africa Photo 2

Paris Black Glass Pavilion In South Africa Photo 3

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