Modern Apartment Living Room With A Vibrant Décor

This is an apartment living room and it’s located in a building that dates back to 1907. It has a simple and modern design and, even though the interior design is not always impressive and eye-catching, in this case, the décor is simple, clean and fresh. The walls are not white and the furniture shares the same characteristics as in the kitchen.This may be true in most apartments but in this case it’s not that surprising. It’s a bold detail and a very beautiful detail that goes well with the overall simple but beautiful décor.

The apartment occupies three floors and each level is different. The floors they form a V grade. Also, the ceilings are very high and some of the walls feature beams. The building also has a series of enclosed balconies and terraces placed in a strategic location. The living room can be completely opened to the exterior and it would become a terrace that would then become an indoor balcony. The interior décor is very simple. The walls are white throughout the apartment and they add a bright look to the rooms and let the sunlight through.{found on faircompanies}.

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