In The City Camp, A Modern Oasis In Stockholm

Swedish interior designers Tham & Videgård Arkitæs came up with a plan to transform a historical building located in Stockholm into a lovely and modern vacation home. The used materials of the old building are carefully preserved but the idea behind the new design is to create a luxurious holiday home in the woods where the owners can enjoy a quiet and relaxing space surrounded by nature.

The old building was renovated and restored so it preserved the structure of the bedrooms, as well as the social areas. The living room is opened towards the center of the house and the bedrooms are facing the courtyard. The traditional design of the bedroom closets and rocking chairs were replaced with ingenious multi-functional wooden shelves that also double as space divider. There’s also this beautiful white pergola that adds a cozy and intimate touch to the whole house.

In The City Camp, A Modern Oasis In Stockholm Photo 3

The style chosen for the kitchen is eclectic. This is reflected in the palette of materials and finishes used throughout the house, which includes wood, concrete and steel. The kitchen is connected to the dining room and the lounge areas are just as ingenious and impressive. The dining room also has an open fireplace that creates a cozy ambiance while also adding texture to the décor.

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