Futuristic Castle Interior Design

Castrol in Spain, an apparently very peaceful and tranquil castle and definitely not a real one. It’s why the castle is now for some people very unusual and intriguing. The interior of the castle is very unconventional, a sort of post-modern house with a lot of impressive details. Even from outside, you can see nothing more than an exposed metal frame, a concrete shell which has been wrapped in a glass protection system. But this strange and intriguing house is not the only one that attracts us.

It’s a very impressive home both in terms of design and functionality. The house is impressive both on the inside and the exterior. The architecture is mesmerizing are the curved stone walls that create a strong contrast with all the surrounding decors and structures incorporated in the design. The house is structured on two floors. The main floor is the most impressive. In order to see this shell, you have to take a look at the interior courtyard.

Futuristic Castle Interior Design Photo 2

The living spaces are located on all four floors. Given the fact that the house is a post-modernist mansion, these rooms have unique roofs. When the owners first bought the house, they closed it for another half a century and then they returned it for a bigger chance. Now they have a cozy home and they finally got to transform it into a modern home.{found on dezeen}.

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