Edison Pendant Light Fixtures From John Pardini

Another one with an ingenious design? This beautiful light fixture is called Edison and it’s a very simple but very beautiful piece of artwork. It features two identical pendants hanging from 22? LED bulbs. In order to make the lighting more interesting and to change the atmosphere, the bulbs can be adjusted. the bulbs are not recommended for outdoor use and they can get damaged if not used properly.

Edison’s design was inspired by the 1950 stars and Baad lamp. It has a classical A frame with three small glass shades, three arms and a handle. The frame is available in two finishes and four glass shades. Both the shade and the handle are equally beautiful and beautiful. The Baad shades are 3 ½? wide and 3? deep while the handles are 2? wide and 2¼? thick. They have a lacquered finish and they are made of a epoxy baked lacquer. The handle comes with a 100% one-year warranty. Each product is packaged individually and has a 3-month warranty. The price for each product is $138.

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